Nowadays plastic products are getting more and more everyday life. New needs and areas of use are constantly emerging in this regard. ÜPLUS working with the aim of responding to a certain part of these needs attaches great importance to human health and acts with responsibility consciousness.

It proves its quality with ÜNPLAS TSE and TS EN ISO 9001: 2008 certified products which use all possibilities of contemporary technology and are always followers of innovations. Using its young, innovative and expert staff and the latest possibilities of contemporary technology, ÜNPLAS is proud to be among the leading brands of the sector in a very short time and to take a rightful place in itself.

ÜNPLAS, which keeps the concept of quality in production and customer satisfaction in the forefront, has spread the service network all over the country with the consciousness that it is the biggest necessity of active marketing and it has made it possible to reach consumers easily.

ÜNPLAS's facilities in Ünye are one of the important industrial facilities of the region and they are rightly one of the institutions that the local people are proud of.