Environment and Saving

Our company holds environmental awareness in the forefront in accordance with our vision. For this purpose, we have been working with the licensed consultancy company of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization since 2011. Under the Environmental Law No. 2872 and under the Environmental Protection and Licensing Regulation No. 29115, Waste Management Regulation No. 29314, Industrial Waste Air Pollution Regulation No. 27277, Regulation on Control of Plant Waste Oils No. 29378, Water Pollution Control Regulation No. 25687, Regulation on Control of Packaging Wastes No. 30283 , On the basis of the Environmental Hazard Assessment and Management Regulations No. 27601, are carried out in a coordinated manner.

The resulting vegetable waste oils are collected by the company after being collected in the vegetable waste oil drums and disposed of.

Hazardous waste and packaging declarations are declared every year within the required period of time by the Ministry of Environment and they are disposed of continuously.

Our company has been renewed for 5 (five) years by taking the Environment Permit Certificate on Wastewater Discharge, which was received in 2012 due to the necessity of renewal every 5 years when the Ministry of Environment requested it, on 11/12/2017.